We are two friends in neighboring countries who have been corresponding for a couple of years, and we’ve exchanged quite an array of ideas and experience. We bandied back and forth everything from daily interactions with the people around us, to critical and reflective points of view on culture, psychology,  and spirituality.  Nothing was too ordinary, as long as it captured our curiosity, interest, or made us laugh, up to and including old trucks, goats, improv, and wildly divergent tastes in music. Really, we’ve been blogging unintentionally for a while now! In a larger, grander context we see many things similarly, but then dicker over the details. Other times we agree on the details but dicker over the big picture. In the end though there is love, friendship. Perhaps that is the grandest mutuality. So when presented with the suggestion to collaborate on a blog, we wanted to extend what was already in place. The whole tapestry of life and death is fair play; all the human foibles, absurdities, coveted assumptions, and insanities, as well as what’s solid, reliable, and sublime. On what gets under our skin and what raises us up. Connecting hoops of outer reality as it relates to the inner, and the inner as it relates to the outer. We welcome you into our circle.